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Are you worried about your Outlook contacts being lost. How to Use Reminders in outlook email login Without Creating Appointments. Microsoft Outlook is a message client program and is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. The software allows users to send and receive emails, maintain contact lists,…. By following just a couple of steps, your contact's birthday is going to be added to Outlook's calendar, found by clicking the "Calendar" tab around the lower-left-hand side. Click on “Mail” to resume the Outlook mailbox in case you are in a different feature of Outlook, such as Calendar. Once you've downloaded that, turned it on, what you'll find is the fact that there's a seamless two way sync between Outlook on the PC and the task system on your own i - Phone. Tracking everyone's schedules aids in meetings, allocating projects, and ensuring deadlines. You can manage contacts, save notes, spell check messages,.